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Systems of Thought

Have they drained you of thought yet?

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Systems of thought
do you have a mind?
Bio: This is a community for people to discuss systems of thought... systems of control... knowledge and power... philosophy.. and whatever else on or off topic, pointed or pointless... as long as there is some meaning behind it.

People discussed:
Michel Foucault
Karl Marx
Roland Barthes
Carl Jung
Sigmund Freud
...and others

Here is an example of a system of thought:
-American Values
---Freedom of Expression
----Freedom to be yourself
-----Caring about about no one, but yourself
------'Learning from others mistakes'
-------Paranoia toward everyone, because if it happened to them is will probably happen to you
--------Feel you are left with nothing, but yourself
---------You must defend yourself
----------You feel you must fill yourself with something
-----------The only thing you are given to fill yourself with is purchasing, shopping, consumerism

.quite blatantly. -I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!